Coffee & Pastries

by Shannon Welch

Mornings in Berlin always starts with coffee. Whether you are in the U-bahn, at work, or just walking down the street that you live on, the day starts with a cup of coffee. It is accessible anywhere you need it, it is cheap and best of all it tastes amazing.

German coffee is some of the best in the world, even if you get it from the U-bahn rushing to work. I recommend in order to get the full experience of a Berliner to get a cup of coffee and a pastry from the underground U-bahn stations.

Do not miss the opportunity to later in the day get another cup from your local coffee shop. Though there may be a Starbucks or two in Mitte, the main tourist part of town, avoid it like the plague, and go to any small coffee shop you can find. You will not regret the fantastic coffee, beautiful interiors and one of a kind experience.


The nightlife in Berlin is often bragged about and is not something to be missed. It is appreciated by all, from college students to businesspeople who have work the next day. You can head to a local bar and watch a football game or to a club and party until 9am and head to your classes… not that I know from experience.

Though the best parts of the nightlife are the late night street food. Anywhere that you go, from Wedding to Kreuzberg has late night street food stands. You can buy yourself a wurst or the world famous doner to help appease your appetite. But don’t go in early, because most clubs will not even let you come inside before 1 or 2 am. To get the full experience, you will need to pull an all-nighter.


If you are lucky enough to be in town during a festival like MaiFest or Karnival of the Kultures, you are in luck. You get to see Berliners at their best! The streets get closed down in entire neighborhoods, work gets cancelled and of course beer is in the hands of every man and woman around.

Music is loud, booths of local food are waiting for you and no place is sacred. You can sit on top of bus stops, are welcomed into people’s homes for better looks at parades and rooftops for small cookouts.


Berlin is the political center of Germany, but has much more to offer you when you live day to day. From coffee shops and hole in the wall restaurants to the best clubs in the world.

When you get into the daily vibe, you get opened up to people and art from all over the world. Berlin is a center for art, music and culture and welcomes itself to all those whom need a new place for creative energy.