NO 12 The Pearl Of The Adriatic

NO 12

by Shannon Welch

Given the flattering name of the Pearl of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik is known for its unlimited amounts of architectonical jewels and historical sites.

This Croatian Athens is flocked to most famously for being the site that Game of Thrones was filmed and continues to be filmed at (I should know, I had to miss three days of school because they were using it to film an episode).

Dubrovnik has a lot to offer in beauty, with the second largest walls in the world and islands all around to hop to for a day, but it has even more to offer in culture.

Dubrovnik is looked at as a separate part of Croatia, most Croatians from this part of the country often are born, raised and choose not to leave.

The daily grind is simple. Wake up, grab some kava(Croatian for coffee) with a friend, head to work probably not on time, and head home in time for dinner and some family time.

In between you are always running into friends and talking, as the society and neighborhood life are extremely important here. Everyone knows everyone in Dubrovnik.

Croatians build themselves upon family and social life as culturally that is what they see is more important than all else. So after becoming a local here, don’t expect to walk down the street without being stopped more than twice for conversation.


As I mentioned, the role of Kava in Dubrovnik is strong. You can not go 10 feet without running into a bustling coffee shop full of smiling and chatty people.

Whether it be tourists during season or locals all time or year, the coffee shops will always be full, at any time of day, morning through evening. The local coffee shop I go to, is a hidden gem that is behind a shirt store.

You have to walk through the store to find the hidden shop behind. Everyone there knows my name, what my order is and often sits down to talk with me everyday. This is not abnormal in Croatia as well. As Kava is used a social time, the staff also does as well. Expect when asked for coffee in Dubrovnik, to be there for two to three hours. It is a time to spend time to drink and laugh with your friends.

Dubrovnik is a UNESCO world Heritage Site since 1979, so it is known for all the history that is stored within the walls. If you are lucky enough to be a student or a local, you can get into anywhere for almost free, but don’t fret visitors!

The price to get into most places is a mere 20-50 Kuna most days (2.50-6.50 Euro). You can see churches that have been around for hundreds of years, the local aquarium, or even find hidden beaches that have been there since the building of the walls of Dubrovnik! No matter what you are interested in, Dubrovnik has it for you. Nice locals, a bit of history and a lot of beautiful scenery.